1. Click this link: Secure Portal
  2. Enter primary taxpayer’s social security number or business EIN
  3. Enter password, click “login”
  4. If password is unknown, click “need a password” link, and it will be emailed to you at the primary email address we have on file.
  5. Contact our office 757-312-0098 if we need to update your email address on file, or you need other help to gain portal access.


  1. From left hand menu, click “Get a copy of my Tax Returns and Documents”
  2. Find document with the “E-Sign Required” in red under the column marked Electronic SIgnature
  3. Note “Pin” in column marked “Description”
  4. Click “E Sign Required” in red under column marked “Electronic Signature”
  5. Electronic Signature block will pop up. As Primary Taxpayer, enter the following information:
    1. Your Name (first and last)
    2. Your Pin #
    3. Your Social Security Number
    4. Your Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
    5. Your zip code (5 digits only)
  6. Click “ESIGN” button
  7. If filing jointly, now Spouse must repeat these steps using spouse information, and then click “esign spouse”.


  1. From left hand menu, click “see my statement / pay my invoice” (with account balance in green)
  2. Click “pay with credit card” in orange. Enter information as indicated to process payment.
  3. Click send payment.


  1. Go back to main menu, click “Get a copy of My Tax Returns and Documents”.
  2. Click “REVIEW COPY” to view tax return
  3. To electronically sign the return, see steps outlined above in “E-SIGN” Section


We provide the following professional services: Tax Preparation & Planning, Accurate & Complete Bookkeeping, Easy Payroll, and Profit Advisory Service. You may use one or several of these services at any point in time.


Our professional fees are based on several factors: nature and complexity of the specific service(s) provided, time and labor involved, skill required to perform services properly, and any special circumstances imposed (e.g. “I need it yesterday!”). We do our best to project those fees ahead of time.


An initial retainer is required before service is begun; the amount is specified in your Engagement Agreement, which you should read and authorize in advance. The remaining balance of our service fee is due shall be payable when our service is deemed complete, as described in the Engagement Agreement. Secure Payment may be processed via this link: Make a Payment


Either of us (you as client, or Anchor as service provider) may terminate our relationship at any time by any form of written communication.


Should you terminate our service before it is deemed to be complete, your initial retainer is non-refundable, but may be credited toward any of the other professional services we provide. (This policy largely is a result of tax clients who, after beginning preparation of their return, “walk” or terminate the Engagement if they assess or suspect their bottom line to be unfavorable).  On the other hand, if you have prepaid more than the initial retainer amount specified in our Agreement, and terminate our service, we will refund fees received within the past 60 days which are in excess of the time, labor and service we provided during our Engagement.


As published in our company’s Vision Statement, we aim to deliver world-class, client-centered services with a spirit of excellence, integrity, goodwill and respect. The more suggestions you make, the better our service becomes. Your feedback is welcome.


We value your privacy, identity protection, and security of your financial data. For this reason, please use our secure client portal to communicate with us. (Please, please don’t email us with sensitive information!) All messages, document uploads, tax return copies, and e-signatures are to be processed through our portal