IRS Tax form 1040

Tax Preparation and Planning

Preparing your Individual or Business tax return can be a chore that leaves you with more questions than answers. Let’s face it. The IRS would you to have more of your hard-earned money in their account. And tax laws are complex and always changing.

We take a proactive approach. We dive deep below the surface using the IRS rule book and US Tax Court-tested strategies. With proper planning and strategy we position you to avoid overpaying on your income taxes. That way you’re 100% confident you’re taking advantage of every deduction, credit, legal loophole and tax strategy available.

Accurate and Complete Bookkeeping

Complete, up-to-date accounting is the important first step in reducing your tax liability.  Without it, you’ll miss important expense deductions. More importantly, a complete set of books gives you the information you need to make wise business decisions going forward. Of course we’ll manage your accounting, but what sets us apart is helping maximize profitability.

Anchor Profit Advisory Service

Profit Advisory Service

Many self-employed taxpayers are running so hard taking care of business that they neither have the time nor inclination to study or understand their accounting reports so they can maximize their profits. As profit and growth experts, we’ll show you how to use your accounting information to optimize your bottom-line profit, and put more cash in your pocket.

With all the time and hard work you put into your business, isn’t it time you see your business generating the level of profitability and cash flow you deserve?


Easy Payroll Service

Forms, filing methods, and payment deadlines can be confusing, and payroll mistakes can cost hundreds of dollars. Business owners can spend 8 hours or more each month performing payroll functions; that’s 12 days a year that could better be spent serving your customers, generating revenue, improving your product or service offerings, and developing new opportunities. Ask about our affordable payroll processing!