Donating to the IRS Again?

What Tax Deductions are You Missing?

What Tax Deductions are You Missing?

Donating money is a great thing.

But do you really want to donate to the IRS?

I mean sure, I guess the IRS needs help…

But they already have 74,000 employees and a budget of $11 billion.

So I think they’re doing ok.

Better than a lot of other organizations I know… especially now!

But if you really want to donate to them it’s your choice.

OK, I can hear you saying…

Anchorman, why are you asking me this? Of course I don’t want to donate to the IRS! Who in their right mind would do that?

Well, I’ll tell you this… I’ve had the honor of working with over 1,000 clients. Clients in more than 20 states. Business groups ask me to share my strategies with them on a regular basis…

I don’t share this to brag… just to let you know I have a unique perspective on the “tax situation” in America.

I see firsthand how often innocent Americans unknowingly “tip” the IRS by overpaying their taxes.

Especially self-employed folks.

Most small business owners pay way too much in taxes.

That’s because they think “having a CPA” is the best they can do.

However, the truth is there’s over 70,000 pages of tax code (that’s 5x longer than the Bible!)…

Yet, most CPAs only use 50-100 pages to serve their clients.

That means unless you’re working with a firm like ours, you’re likely leaving the IRS a BIG FAT TIP each year!!

If you’re ok with that, then delete this email and move on.

But, if you want to change that, then there’s been no better time than right now to empower yourself as a taxpayer so you only have to pay your fair share (and not a dime more!).

Anyway, here’s the good news…

I have a few appointments available on my calendar in October

So I Decided to offer you a Tax Strategy Consultation

In this strategy session we will discuss:

  1. Your current tax situation and analyze it
  2. How we can find hidden tax deduction opportunities you might be over looking
  3. Strategize to see how we can get you into the right tax bracket so we can keep more money in your pocket ethically
  4. Review your past tax returns and see if you left any money on the table and strategize how to get it back.

Book your Tax Strategy Meeting:

Talk Soon,

Jim Flauaus, EA

Enrolled to Practice before the IRS