Anchor Payroll

Payday’s a happy day for employees, but it’s a painful administrative task for business owners.

Getting checks to your employees and to the IRS is time-consuming and error-prone. The time and energy you spend figuring out how much money you have to pay out is time you could be using to complete projects that actually bring money in.

In addition, payroll-related mistakes are not uncommon. The IRS penalizes one out of three small businesses for payroll errors; the dollar amount of the average  penalty is a staggering $800.

This is why so many Chesapeake Virginia Beach Norfolk business owners are turning to outsourced payroll solutions like Anchor Payroll.

What Does Anchor Payroll Solutions Include?

Accuracy.  The surest way to upset both you and your employees is to make a mistake on an employee’s paycheck!  Accuracy prevents costly penalties due payroll errors, inaccurate federal or state tax forms, or untimely tax payments. You’ll gain peace of mind in knowing there will be no issues with the IRS or with disgruntled employees.

Speed.  What turnaround time does a payroll service require, and how quickly can they respond to corrections or late changes in reported employee hours? At Anchor Payroll Solutions, we’re flexible, we’re quick to respond, and we can even re-issue paychecks where hours are reported in error.

Ease of Use.  A simple fax or email is all it takes to report  your hours. We process the paychecks and complete all your payroll tax forms according to current requirements, and provide you with reports that break down and summarize everything we’ve done.

Price. We offer honest savings on payroll, and charge on a fixed-fee basis so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay for our service. The cost of processing your payroll quickly and easily is so low we think it will amaze you.

Want some more guidance? Contact us today. We’re more than happy to help.