Are we connected on “Fakebook”?

I was standing in the lobby after church a couple weeks ago when I ran into an old friend. We caught up on family, caught up on business, and then somewhere in the conversation he stated “I guess you saw on Fakebook that….”.

The name hit me like a jolt… “Fakebook”?

I guess it shouldn’t have. There’s lots of posturing and ‘look at my life, ain’t it great’ on social media these days.

That said, I believe Facebook is the de facto marketing tool of any business looking to grow it’s customer base, or seeking to provide their existing client base with excellent customer service.

I know the bulk of my blog posts focus on tax savings and small business accounting, but if you aren’t using Facebook marketing in your business these days, chances are you’ll never make enough money to have an accounting or tax problem in the first place!

Once upon a time the focus of internet marketing was your website. For businesses that sell product online, that’s always going to be your main platform online. But outside of selling stuff online, to my thinking, having your own website can be over-rated.

All the focus on design and graphics and blogging and getting people to your website won’t amount to much of anything if you don’t have a significant budget to put into SEO and traffic-generation.

But while getting people to your website may be a challenge, it’s not a challenge to get folks onto Facebook. In my mind, it’s the prime portal to your online doorstep.

Everybody uses Facebook. Over 1 billion people use it daily, worldwide.
  • That’s 2.5 times how many people use Instagram,
  • 3 times how many use Twitter,
  • 10 times how many use Pinterest,
  • more than 20 times how many use LinkedIn.

Your friends are all on Facebook. Your clients are all on Facebook. It’s the #1 way to harness ‘word of mouth’ promotion and referrals.

If you own a small business, you should have a Facebook business page, in addition to your personal page.

I post to my Facebook business page daily. Some are links to my blog posts. Others are just funny tax quotes.

People sign up for my email newsletter using the “Contact me” button on Facebook.

I’ve even ventured into Facebook “live video” a few times recently. There’s been over 1,000 views (which is absolutely crazy!).

Whatever your product or service, Facebook is an exceptional way to build your brand awareness among prospects as THE provider of whatever you do in your local marketplace.

I also post to local business-owner Facebook groups. Got a referral today from a realtor client recommending me to another realtor on a local real estate agent Facebook group.
I’ve run a few “Facebook” ads, the ones where you pay $1-$5 per day for your stuff to show up in target customers’ Facebook news feed.  The ability to target geographically, demographically, psycho-graphically, etc, is astounding.
I must admit I’ve got a long way to go before I develop a true strategic Facebook paid-for marketing plan, or begin to use it with any gusto, however.
ANCHOR ON THIS: Everyone uses social media these days, and Facebook is king of the hill. So get a copy of Facebook Marketing for Dummies. Or hire someone who specializes in Facebook marketing. Really get an understanding of how to make it work for you and your business. Develop a strategy, make a plan, and grow your business.
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